Exercise… yes I can do this….

So I am in a twelve step program for relationships and part of this program says to add exercise and a connection with our higher power. This is to help us to clear our minds and to connect to the divine. So why not. I bought new shoes and began this new change. I decided I want to walk with enthusiasm with my dogs and over time will get to where I can do out and hike on a trail. This is a group of photos from this ongoing adventure.

The guy who sold me the shoes was kind enough to pose for a photo opportunity for me. He is a great person. His parents owned a shoe store and he has always worked in a shoe store. It was interesting how happy he was to be a shoe salesman. We spoke about different types of shoes and I settled on a pair that are built for running. I am excited to get out and exercise more. Maybe I can add a walk around the track at work daily to my routine so that I am taking a little time for myself. I want to be healthy and walking is a good safe start I think.

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