Driver Ed.. lost cell phone… and expired buss pass

Today I had the car in the shop. 2300.00 later I have working heat, AC and the blower is not stuck on just high or off! Work was fun. I had students who need paperwork completed quickly and the student has a very complicated case to manage. So I am happy because I feel like this is what I went to school for. I am the change I wanted to see in the educational system one student at a time and with this student I know I will make change.

So on the way to the car repair shop my oldest son Dennis sends me an e-mail. This is odd, he usually text, or calls me. He asks that I come pick him up and with several short messages back and forth it comes to light that he had left his cell phone on the school buss that had dropped him off at the local community college he attends, and was going to be late to driver ed class because the buss pass he has for the city buss was expired. I dash into the car repair shop, pay for the repairs and then drive over to the community college to get Dennis.

As I drive up I can see his stress roll off him and flow in a large circle all around him. He is worried about his cell phone, and not being able to continue with the driver ed class. After he entered the car I let him vent about his day for a bit. He talks about how he left his cell on the school buss and how if he missed even one driver ed class the program rules say he will be kicked out. I tried to calm him down and drove to the buss barn to see if there was a way he could look on the buss to get his phone back.

The buss barn was still open and he did get his phone back! Then I drove him to the driver ed class to see if we spoke with the teacher and explained the situation if an exception could be made. Dennis argued with me and said that the teacher was not even going to answer the door when I come. He told me stories of students who had knocked and knocked and cried outside the door and the teacher did not let them in. I practily had to drag him from the car to the class and when the teacher did open the door for me he was physically shocked and I could see it on his face. I walked up to the teacher and asked for him to be able to attend the remainder of the class and he said that would be ok. Dennis then sat down and completed the class.

Once the class was over we stayed behind and spoke with the teacher about the program and about our day and why we were late. The man was very kind and is going to allow Dennis to continue with the program. Dennis being a typical teenager walked a few paces in front of me to the car and did say that it was nice to still be in the program but I could tell he was processing what all had just happened.

I hope over the next few days he thinks back on the event and learns an important lesson. Rules are important and should be followed, but sometimes they need to bend and be flexible. Life isn’t always going to go your way. You might have set backs, but if you don’t ask for a second chance or offer a solution to a problem then the answer will always be no. If you do your best and try then sometimes the luck will go your way. I feel proud to be his mom today. I know I set an important example for him.


Life isn’t going to just give you what you want; you have to go out of your way to make it happen. Sometimes you will be told no, and other times you will expect a no and get a yes instead. The important part is that you never give up; because that is just like telling yourself that no is the only option.

So that was my day!

We also tried a new restaurant

. They sell wings and it was expensive. We don’t plan to go back, but I felt like trying something new. The above picture is of Dennis and the cheese soup he loves. Something he also was not wanting to try and once he did found he loved. Maybe I will remind him of the soup next time he gets like this.




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